Tours to Budapest

Set wonderfully along the River Danube with its beautiful architecture, Budapest is truly cosmopolitan European city, which continuously offers visitors something new. Budapest embraces the future without forgetting the past.

Art Nouveau treasures
Unique thermal baths (Since 1934, Budapest proudly wears the Spa city title, but it’s good to know, that its unique facilities were fully recognised by Roman legionaries over 2000 years ago!
Wonderful natural setting, along the river Danube, separating Buda on the hilly West Bank form Pest on the Eastern plain
Magnificent bridges and boulevards
Budapest is a city of living history where every inch tells a fascinating story
Great Synagogue, Europe’s largest and most impressive
Jewish quarter, which was transformed into a ghetto during the Nazi Occupation and almost destroyed, but has miraculously retained its cultural identity.
Elegant wine bars bring the best of Hungarian vineyards into the heart of the city.
Budapest is perfect destination if you are seeking entertainment, culture, relaxation or just wish to explore the natural and historical treasure the region has to offer.