Tours to Krakow

Full of hundreds of years of heritage and a thoroughly interesting culture, Krakow provides a great balance of history, culture and education, making it one of the most popular tour group destinations in Europe. Our tours to Krakow can include:

Fascinating and vibrant and picturesque
Multicultural heritage
Well preserved Medieval City, one of the oldest cities in Poland, lays on the banks of Vistula river
Expansive Rynek Glowny (market square) – Europe’s largest
13th Century Cloth Hall, rebuilt in Renaissance style houses the largest collection of Polish paintings on the first floor and colourful handicraft stalls in ground floor arcades
St Mary’s Church dating back to 1221, boasts precious 15th century altar by Witt Stwosz
Large and Vibrant student population
Offers visitors entertainment and leisure, with its abundance of theatres, cabarets, clubs, cafes, bars, wine cellars and restaurants

Magnificent architecture

Wawel Castle, dates back to the 10th century and was modified in 16th century to Renaissance style, with its magnificent interiors containing numerous paintings as well as famous Wawel Tappesties Collection
Wawel Cathedral adjacent to Wawel Castle – coronation site of Polish monarchs and remains Poland’s most important national sanctuary
Churches, Museums, historical monuments
Kazimierz former Jewish Quarter, where Jewish community of Krakow started concentrating in 15th century forming a unique, commercial, religious, and cultural centre until it was destroyed by Nazis during Second World War. Now restored, one can enjoy visits to with its many Synagogues, restaurants, bars, cafes
Cultural capital, home of the oldest University in Poland, Jagiellonian University
In vicinity Auschwitz and Birkenau Museum and Wieliczka Salt Mines